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Sliding patio doors will give you a room with a view, literally transforming the look and feel of your home or business. With more glass and fewer structural transoms than a Bi-Fold door, they provide stunning glass areas resulting in more light being let through allowing your property to seem bigger, brighter and warmer.

We supply and install both uPVC and aluminium Patio Sliding Doors with both materials having their advantages. We would recommend that for larger expanses where large panes of glass are to be held, then the natural structural strength of aluminium allow for a smoother glide whilst maintaining the slim line structures. The uPVC however cannot be beaten on its thermal efficiency and is the most cost effective solution.


Our aluminium patio doors have all the same features as all of our aluminium products, including the full RAL colour range for you to choose from and the option of a dual or single coloured powder coated finish. This alongside the threshold, furniture, frame and glazing choices allows us to fit these doors into every situation possible.

All our doors come with high security multi-point hook locking and toughened glass as standard.


Our uPVC patio doors are not as slim as the aluminium but allow for a cost effective way to allow as much light as possible into an area whilst providing the most thermally efficient solution. We offer all the same finishes as with all our uPVC products including all our wood grain choices and the option of spraying to the colour of your choice.

These doors come with high security multi-point hook locking and an anti ~ jemmy device to prevent intruders from lifting the sashes out to gain entry. As with all door glass, they come with toughened glass as standard but the full array of glazing options are at your disposal.

  • Aluminium


  • All our standard Patio Doors come in white, black, chrome, gold or silver. The D-handle and Lever handle are both only available for our aluminium Penthouse Patio doors where large widths need to be covered.


    Standard Patio Handles
    Lever Patio Handles
    D-Handle Patio
    Standard Lever Penthouse Patio D-Handle Penthouse Patio


    uPVC Standard Patio Handle

  • Gloss White Matt Anthracite Grey Matt Brown Matt Black
    Gloss White Matt
    Matt Brown Matt Black

    All RAL colours also possible using our spraying facility

    Ral Chart

  • We offer both smooth and wood grain finishes. The standard smooth finish is white but we can spray to match any RAL colour choice that you want. Our wood grain finishes come as with smooth white on the inside as standard but you can choose to have the wood grain both sides. The only wood grain that must have the wood grain both sides is the white wood grain which does not have the option of having smooth white internally.

    Wood grain options:

    • White (Both sides only)
    • Rose Wood (Both sides or on smooth white internally)
    • Golden Oak (Both sides or on smooth white internally)
    • Irish Oak (Both sides or on smooth white internally)
    • Black (Both sides or on smooth white internally)